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Coconut Crazy! Oh My!
By Brenda Lynn

​It  was the last day of school for my 10 year old grandson, Tony. And I got the honor of picking him up from the bus stop and spending the afternoon and evening with him at my house. 

     That morning I had skimmed the cream from the top of some beautiful full fat organic coconut milk I’d made the day before. The coconut milk was made for coconut milk kefir to start culturing that evening. [My doctor in Florida wants me to eliminate dairy from my diet, so now I’m practically vegan!] Anyway, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the cream; until Tony showed me all the fruit he had left over from his last day of school party. Ah-ha!

     I took the cream out of the fridge, added a bit of honey and a few drops of vanilla, whipped it up, and ABRA-CA-DABRA! We had delicious sweet coconut whipped cream with our fruit. There was NO talking! We were both ooooooooing and aaaahhhhhhing and yuuuummmmmming all the way through. It was hard to believe we were eating something really healthy. 

     Any grandmother will agree… when we make a healthy sweet treat our grandchildren love, we’re on to something! It means we’ve satisfied our grandchildren with a yummy memorable treat we feel good about, and the added bonus: our kids won’t get mad at us for giving it to them. Ha!

​     Now we’ll fast-forward about a month. My grandchildren, Tony and Jayne, came for a sleepover. We did lot of fun things and spent most of our time in the kitchen. We made all these coconut recipes except creamed coconut, sweetened condensed coconut milk and coconut butter. This time Tony got to participate in skimming the coconut cream and got to whip it up himself....