Coconut Crazy! Oh My!
By Brenda Lynn

​It  was the last day of school for my 10 year old grandson, Tony. And I got the honor of picking him up from the bus stop and spending the afternoon and evening with him at my house. 

     That morning I had skimmed the cream from the top of some beautiful full fat organic coconut milk I’d made the day before. The coconut milk was made for coconut milk kefir to start culturing that evening. [My doctor in Florida wants me to eliminate dairy from my diet, so now I’m practically vegan!] Anyway, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the cream; until Tony showed me all the fruit he had left over from his last day of school party. Ah-ha!

     I took the cream out of the fridge, added a bit of honey and a few drops of vanilla, whipped it up, and ABRA-CA-DABRA! We had delicious sweet coconut whipped cream with our fruit. There was NO talking! We were both ooooooooing and aaaahhhhhhing and yuuuummmmmming all the way through. It was hard to believe we were eating something really healthy. 

     Any grandmother will agree… when we make a healthy sweet treat our grandchildren love, we’re on to something! It means we’ve satisfied our grandchildren with a yummy memorable treat we feel good about, and the added bonus: our kids won’t get mad at us for giving it to them. Ha!

​     Now, we’ll fast-forward about a month. My grandchildren, Tony and Jayne, came for a sleepover. We did lot of fun things and spent most of our time in the kitchen. We made all these coconut recipes except creamed coconut, sweetened condensed coconut milk and coconut butter. This time Tony got to participate in skimming the coconut cream and got to whip it up himself. He was so proud to share it with Jayne… we had fruit ready for the cream while we were waiting for the pudding to chill.  Upon completion of all our coconut projects, they were most proud of their coconut four and pudding! They were also wowed and proud because the only waste we created from all that was some coconut packaging, which went into the recycling bin. 

     Sustainability, the health of the earth, humane practices of animals AND PLANTS, fair market trade, and leaving a small foot print are as important to me as my own health. Everything possible gets reused, recycled and donated. Anything burnable gets burned and the ashes are used in the garden. Eggshells are ground up in the Vitamix and put into homemade toothpaste, homemade supplements, added to the chicken feed, or put into the garden. My list is long! At my house, it can take me well over two weeks to create a single bag of household trash. 

     The only trash these recipes create is the bag the coconut flakes come in, and most of the time they can be put in recycling. There is absolutely no food waste if you follow these steps. AND, if you put colloidal silver into your coconut milk and cream products, it will all last longer preventing any waste. [!!!NEVER PUT COLLOIDAL SILVER IN COCONUT MILK YOU’LL PROCESS INTO KEFIR!!! AND NEVER IN KEFIR!!! It will kill the friendly bacteria and the grains.] 

     These recipes are some of the healthiest vegan alternatives we can make without compromising taste. The puddings are rich and creamy because the milk is rich and creamy. The sweetened condensed coconut milk can be used in all recipes calling for sweetened condensed milk and it’s just as rich tasting. The kefir is a bit lighter, which I like, and still makes the best smoothie I’ve ever had. No additives, no chemical preservatives, no dyes, no artificial sweeteners, no chemical spices, no guessing about “natural” flavors, coconuts don’t need hormones or antibiotics, and no risk of GMOs or glyphosates when you buy organic ingredients. 

Coconut Milk
     Most of my recipes start with making coconut milk. Full fat or regular? It                        depends on what I’m making. If I’m making kefir, it’s usually, regular coconut milk,      unless I'm making "cream cheese." Everything else is full fat, unless I get a                  special request for low fat. The process of making full fat and regular coconut            milk are the same. The amount of coconut is all that’s different. Only two                      ingredients!!!!!!

     Ingredients for Full Fat Coconut Milk:

     -4 cups organic unsweetened coconut flakes
     -4 cups very hot (not boiling) filtered water 

     Ingredients for Regular Coconut Milk

     -2 cups organic unsweetened coconut flakes
     -4 cups very hot (not boiling) filtered water 


     1) Put coconut in blender (Vitamix is best)
     2) Pour hot water over coconut
     3) Blend on high speed for 4-5 minutes
     4) Let the mixture stand and cool completely
     5) Strain through a nut milk bag. If you don’t have one, then strain through 4                     layers of cheese cloth.
     6) Squeeze all milk and get the coconut pulp as dry as you can and set the pulp             aside
     7) Refrigerate the coconut milk overnight
     8) The next day remove the cream (see below)
     9) Refrigerate and use within a couple of days
     You can stir in some colloidal silver to keep it longer. I’ve put 2 tablespoons into a      gallon and kept the milk for almost 2 weeks; it tasted like I just made it yesterday.      DO NOT PUT COLLOIDAL SILVER IN MILK YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE KEFIR            WITH. COLLOIDAL SIVER WILL KILL THE FRIENDLY BACTERIA AND THE                  KEFIR GRAINS.
     If you would like your coconut milk flavored or sweetened, blend (vanilla,                      chocolate, figs, raw honey, blue agave, stevia, etc.) a second time AFTER                      straining the pulp. That way your coconut flour will be pure.  

Coconut Flour

     -Coconut pulp left from making your coconut milk 


     1) Spread the pulp evenly throughout a dehydrator
     2) Dehydrate thoroughly until completely dry
     3) Put in a blender (the Vitamix dry decanter works best)
     4) Blend down to a flour consistency
     5) Store in an airtight container and use in your favorite recipes
     Note: I have tried to dry the pulp in the oven, and don’t recommend it. It takes              forever and it is easy to burn. I found it more cost and time effective to buy a                dehydrator. It uses a lot less electricity. It takes about 3 hours in mine, instead 20+      hours in the oven. Since I make at least 2 gallons of coconut milk at a time,                  there is a LOT of pulp to dehydrate! 

Coconut Cream

     -The coconut milk you made yesterday


     1) Carefully and without creating a stir, remove the coconut milk from the                           refrigerator
     2) On the top there will be a hardened layer. Full fat milk will have a thicker layer               than regular milk. This is the cream!
     3) Remove the layer of cream
     4) Put into a separate container and in the refrigerator
     5) Use within a couple of days or freeze for a later date 

Sweet Coconut Whipped Cream

     -Coconut cream
     -Real vanilla extract, just a few drops
     -Sweetener of your choice to your taste (honey, real maple syrup, stevia, liquid            cane juice 
syrup, etc.) A little goes a LONG way in coconut cream


     1) Place coconut cream in a bowl with sweetener and vanilla. Start with a small               amount of sweetener (like a teaspoon) and vanilla (like 2 drops)
     2) Use a hand mixer and mix on high adding sweetener and vanilla to your liking             until you have stiff peaks and it tastes the way you want it to. You can add                   coconut  milk if it’s too thick to your desired consistency. Best to add small                 amounts at a time. If It comes out runny, you can’t take the added coconut milk           out. 

Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk

     -2 cups of full fat coconut milk
     -1/8 to 1/4 cup of coconut cream
     -1/2 cup of organic cane juice sugar, organic coconut sugar, real maple syrup,              or raw
     -1 teaspoon of real vanilla


     1) Place the full fat coconut milk, coconut cream, and sugar into a stainless or                 glass sauce pan on medium heat
     2) Wisk ingredients together
     3) Let the mixture bubble and thicken for about 40 minutes stirring very often                   (almost constantly), being very careful not to let it burn. Turn heat down as                   needed
     4) It will reduce down to about 1 cup (probably a little more)
     5) When complete remove from heat, whisk in the vanilla, and let cool
     6) Put into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
     This makes an excellent organic sweet coffee creamer!

Rustic Creamed Coconut

     -1 cup of organic unsweetened coconut flakes
     -2 tablespoons of organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil
     -1/2 teaspoon of vanilla (optional)
     -1 tablespoon of raw honey, real maple syrup or sweetener of your choice                      (optional)


     1) Put coconut flakes, coconut oil, and optional ingredients into a blender or                     food processor
     2) Pulse to desired consistency
     3) Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
     Add to hot cereal, spread on toast or cookies, there are many ways to enjoy!
     Add organic cacao while blending for a rustic chocolate creamed coconut!                  YUMMY!

Coconut Butter

     -2 cups organic unsweetened coconut flakes
     -Sea salt to taste (optional)


     1) Put coconut flakes and sea salt into a blender (really REALLY a Vitamix is the               best for this)
     2) Start blending on low for a minute or so, then on high, stopping often to                       scrape down the sides. This process takes about 20 minutes.
         At 3 to 5 minutes the blended coconut will be lumpy and clumpy
         At 7 to 10 minutes the blended coconut will be the consistency of grits
         At 15 minutes the blended coconut will be the consistency of paste
         At 20 minutes you should be finished with the consistency of peanut butter
     3) Put into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator
     4) Use just like you would use butter or peanut butter

Coconut Kefir

     -1/2 gallon regular coconut milk
     -1/2 cup of Brenda’s milk kefir grains rinsed in filtered water only


     1) Place kefir grains in a half gallon glass jar
     2) Pour coconut milk over grains and fill the jar leaving about an inch at the top
     3) Cover with plastic lid (NO metal) not tightened so the air can escape, or cover             with a piece of a flour towel and a rubber band
     4) Let ferment for 48 hours stirring with a plastic spoon or spatula (NO metal)                   every 12 hours (morning and evening)
     5) After 48 hours strain the grains by pouring the kefir through a very fine mesh               plastic or stainless steel (NO other metal)
     6) Put the kefir in a glass jar with a plastic lid (NO metal) loosely tightened and                 store in the refrigerator
     7) Put the kefir grains back into whole organic single pasteurized milk (NO ultra-             pasteurized and whole milk only) in the fridge to rest or on the counter top                  to ferment milk kefir

Coconut Kefir “Cream Cheese”

     -Full fat coconut kefir
     -Finely ground chia seeds (optional)


     1) Follow the recipe above, only using full fat coconut milk instead of regular
     2) After the kefir has settled and separated in the refrigerator for about 24                          hours, very gingerly without stirring, skim the top creamy layer with a plastic              (NO metal) spoon and place into an airtight container
     If you would like the consistency thicker, stir in some finely ground chia                        
seeds with plastic or a rubber spatula (NO metal). Just start with a small                        amount, let set and see if you want to add more
     Use just like cream cheese. This is a delicious tangy probiotic filled “cream                  cheese." Enjoy!

Smooth Muddy Vanilla Pudding

     -1 and 1/2  cups full fat coconut milk
     -1/3 cup chia seeds
     -2 – 5 tablespoon of raw honey, blue agave, coconut nectar, real maple syrup,             liquid organic cane syrup, stevia (much less), or other liquid sweetener of                     your choice… to your taste preference.
     -Vanilla to your taste preference
     -*Ceylon cinnamon to taste (optional)


     1) Grind chia seeds in the dry Vitamix decanter, coffee grinder, or very strong                   blender
     2) Place the ground chia seeds and all other ingredients in a blender and blend               for 3 – 4 minutes on high scraping down the sides as necessary.
     3) Pour into a bowl or single serving dessert cups and refrigerate for 3 hours
     The sweet coconut whipped cream is delicious on top!

Rustic Chocolate Pudding

     -1 and 1/2  cups full fat coconut
     -1/3 cup chia seeds
     -3 – 7 Tablespoons (in this recipe I use more than in the vanilla recipe because             chocolate adds bitterness) raw honey, blue agave, coconut nectar, real maple             syrup, liquid organic cane syrup, stevia (much less), or other liquid sweetener           of your choice… to your taste preference.
     -1/4  cup cacao
     -Vanilla to taste
     -*Ceylon cinnamon to taste (optional)


     1) Grind chia seeds in the dry Vitamix decanter, coffee grinder, or very strong                   blender
     2) Place the ground chia seeds and all other ingredients in a blender and blend               for 3 – 4 minutes on high scraping down the sides as necessary.
     3) Pour into a bowl or single serving dessert cups and refrigerate for 3 hours
          The sweet coconut whipped cream is delicious on top!

     * I add Ceylon cinnamon whenever I can to sweets because it cuts the glycemic        load/index and is known to lower blood sugar. 

I hope you and your family enjoy these delicious vegan alternatives as much as we have. Feel free to send me an email with any comments or great recipes you would like to share.

Cheers! To your health!


Coconut Milk cooling

Coconut butter

Cream at the top

Into the dehydrator

Pure coconut cream

Smooth muddy vanilla pudding

Sweetened condensed coconut milk

Coconut pulp! Cool stuff!

Coconut Pulp

Rustic chocolate pudding

Coconut Flour

Rustic creamed coconut

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