Tea? Yes, please!

From what we know, tea dates back to prehistoric times around 2,700 b.c.e. A time when the mythical Great Chinese Sage and Ruler, Shennong, lived. Other findings suggest there was quite a bit knowledge about herbs, roots, mushrooms and plant medicine long before. Remember, it wasn't that long ago before western medicine changed all that. And now many of us are deciding to treat our ails the very old fashioned way... with tea.

For centuries ancient cultures have infused water with countless herbs, spices, roots, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, mycelium, hyphae, rhizomes, fruit, vegetables, tree bark, bones, leaves, pits... you name it, it has been infused into water.

​Just looking at herbs alone, there are more than 10,000 different kinds on this planet that we know of. ... every one of those 10,000 types of herbs has been analyzed in many ways and falls into a different category of some kind: element, medicine, flavor, energetic property, temperature, etc. The lists go on and on. And actually, this process is done for all foods. Depending upon what practice is being studied, all categories will be different and each practice has it's own vocabulary and a unique way of describing and assigning food. It can get a bit complicated. You may consume your nutrients based in your astrology, blood type, Ayurveda, yoga, religion, paleo and others. We have tea for you!

At Studios for Wholeness our focus is on whole health. We take the information from various practices and make great tasting, nutritional, and healing teas. We are looking for superfood ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antioxidant, high in enzymes, gut-healing, cleansing and detoxifying, great for organ health, etc. ​​

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